Monday, February 25, 2008

Cara Dan Panduan Menggunakan Proxy Untuk Login Clixsense

Lebih lanjut tentang trik memaksimalkan komisi clixsense, yaitu cara menggunakan proxy saat login clixsense. Posting kali ini merupakan ringkasan dari postingan mas cosa, dulu itu. Semoga ini bisa menjawab pertanyaan rekan semua seputar trik mencari proxy gratis.

Apa itu clixsense dan kenapa harus clixsense?

Cara memaksimalkan komisi clixsense

Panduan menggunakan proxy untuk login clixsense.

Silahkan cari daftar proxy disini, atau silahkan cari lewat google dengan kata kunci ‘free proxy’ atau ‘fresh proxy’. Pilihlah proxy US, Canada, atau UK karena biasanya iklan-iklan yang ditargetkan pada negara-negara tersebutlah yang berlimpah. Gunakan proxy seetidaknya 2-3 hari saja, untuk menghindari kecurigaan dari pihak ClixSense.

Lalu ubahlah setingan di menu window browser anda misal anda pakai mozzila firefox untuk browsing di Tool>Options>Network>Setting, silahkan ganti proxy dan portnya sesuai daftar proxy dari situs penyedia proxy diatas sesuai negara yang anda inginkan. Untuk media browser lainya langkahnya sama cari bagian Tool.

Langkah- langkahnya silahkan sesuaikan dengan browser anda:

Internet Explorer :

1. Buka tools > internet options
2. Klik tab Connection trus klik LAN Settings
3. Pada bagian proxy server, isi centang pada “use a proxy..”
4. Pada box address masukan IP proxy, pada box port masukan portnya
5. Centang juga bagian “by pass..”
6. klik OK

Mozilla Firefox versi 2:

1. Buka tools > options
2. Bagian advance, klik tab Network
3. Bagian Connection, klik Setting di sebelah kanan
4. Kemudian pilih manual proxy configurations
5. Pada bagian HTTP proxy, masukkan IP proxy dan portnya
6. klik OK

Opera 9 :

1. Buka tools > preferences
2. Pilih tab advance
3. Pilih Network di bagian kiri, kemudian klik proxy server dibagian kanan
4. Centangi bagian HTTP kemudian masukkan IP proxy dan portnya
5. Klik OK

Tips aman memakai proxy

Banyak juga proxy server yang menerapkan sistem log (pencatatan jejak) sehingga data-data Anda dapat mereka curi dengan mudah, tapi gak perlu terlalu takut, kan diimbangi dengan banyaknya iklan clixsense yang muncul - harapanya.

  • Lakukan login HANYA ke situs ClixSense saja (seperlunya).
  • Setelah Anda selesai menggunakan proxy untuk keperluan ClixSense, password ClixSense Anda silahkan diubah.
  • Setiap proxy kayaknya memiliki kadaluarso bahakan hanya beberapa jam saja.

Selamat mencoba.

Untuk lebih lengkap, silahkan cari dibawah ini!



Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Let’s talk about clixsense. But firstly, let me give you a sample of a check my friend was able to receive from clixsense:

jackie’s check

To some readers who are not yet familiar with clixsense, clixsense is one of those networks who both pay and get paid for advertising a certain website. Member gets paid for opening a certain URL/Link/Website for 30 seconds, its up to the member if he/she will read the website content or not and advertisers will pay a tiny fraction for the exposure of their website. And the only thing you need to do is to sign up for FREE on their website which is you can find the link here:

There are 2 ways to earn on clixsense:

First - on those paid URL’s that you will visit (Clixsense will pay you from .01cent up to $5 per visit of those websites available for you to open.)

Second - on referring/inviting your friend to join clixsense. They’ll pay you .10cents per person that you can refer and clixsense is giving up to 5 level of downline. Meaning, if your first referral invited a friend, then that friend that she invited will be your second downline…and it goes up to the fifth level.

One thing also about clixsense is that, their premium membership only cost $10 and its for 1 year premium subscription. The inclusive of this premium membership is the automatic 500 links after paying and the whole year benefits to see ads available for regular member and ads available for premium members only.

500 clicks means that clixsense will give you 500 available clicks right away, this is worth $5 so that means you only paid $5 on your 1 year membership.

Here’s the sample ads for a regular member:


And here’s the sample if you will upgrade to a premium member:


The regular member has limited and lesser ads while the premium member will get the ads shown both to regular members and the premium members.

It’s fun to surf the web and get paid, remember clixsense is FREE to join and if you want to enjoy the benefits of a premium member, it only cost $10 for a year which is .83 cents per month. A tiny investment that will work your way to your $$ in no time.



Yuwie: Getting Paid to Network - Potential Earnings to $10,000


Yuwie is a relatively new social networking site and has really taken off. The site doesn't differentiate itself with the features it offers or the market that it trying to capture. On the contrary, Yuwie differentiates itself by paying its members for using the site for every action they take on the site, and even the actions resulting from them.

Once you sign up with the site, you have several different options accessible via icons displayed on the left-hand side.


These options include messages, friends, pictures, blog, schools, clubs, and favorites. As you can see, nothing new there, in fact these same features and many more are already available on other sites, but that's not the point. Yuwie has a detailed set of videos that explains how they are 'changing the game' by paying their users for 'playing around on the internet'. So how exactly are they changing the game? Let's see.

Why do I get paid?

Yuwie argues that others social networking sites are making an estimated $20 million a month while the users do all the work (social media ain't it?) and that unlike these other sites, they want to share there revenue with the users.

What do I get paid for?

You get paid for every action you take on the site. Every change you make to your profile, every picture/blog/video you post, and not only that, you get paid for every time another user looks at your profile or content that you have created or posted. On the 15th of each month, Yuwie decides (based on how much they made in the previous month) how much will be given out to each user, an amount that you can track from the 'earnings' section of your profile.

The revenue share rate for the month of August was $0.47 per thousand views.

How much money can I make?

While the amount of you make depends on how much you interact with the site, here is a look at sample earnings based on the 10 levels of referrals and assuming a revenue-sharing rate of $0.50.


Seems like a great idea. With most of the features of your average social networking site offered on Yuwie and the added benefit of getting paid to do what you're already doing, does the prospect of making money while making friends seem enticing?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


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